Brother Loyola

by Jessica Jalbert

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released October 25, 2011

All songs written By Jessica Jalbert.

The Band:
Liam Trimble – Guitar
René Wilson – Keys, Drums, Bass
Doug Hoyer – Bass
Jessica Jalbert – Guitar, Vocals, Cornet

Mitch Holtby – Saxophone on 'Stupid Hollow'
Maureen Murray – Trombone on 'Stupid Hollow' and 'Daniels'
Natanielle Felicitas – Cello on “Necromancy'
Jenni Roberts – Drums on 'O Evening Colors'
Landon Coleman – Double Bass on 'Necromancy' and 'Wild One'

Produced and engineered by René Wilson at Riverdale Recorders in Edmonton, AB.

Thanks to: friends (especially the Old Ugly ones), family, and you. Extra thanks to Uncle Renny.

OLD UGLY Recording Co. OU0027
Copyright 2011.



all rights reserved


Jessica Jalbert Edmonton, Alberta

Jessica Jalbert is an Edmonton artist whose mortal musings and crystal voice have shaped for her a singular fox hole from which to lob her canticles into the great unknown. She reps for OLD UGLY Recording Co. out of Edmonton and she enjoys the outdoors. ... more

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Track Name: Necromancy
With less than a year to go, graveyards are popping up everywhere – smell the bodies in the air. And the innocent make up for years of lost tears and wasted fears, and I am one of them, making haste, remaining chaste in Potter's Field. Are you sleeping?
Track Name: Whatever Whoever
I can't trust my senses. I don't know what to believe, and I have taken every drug the doctor's willing to deal me. Soothsayers and skeptics, mystics and psychologists, anyone with that look in their eye I can't seem to resist. I would do anything to be blest with gifts like this. So I took a walk and lit a cigarette. Then I thought “why did I do that?”, so I put it out on the print of my thumb; now there's no way to tell just who I am.
But I'm not the young bucks I've kissed, and I'm not the old ones either. I'm not the good books I've read, the torah nor the bible. I'm not the records that I own and I'm not the things I'm good at. I'm not the family that I know and I'm not done singing yet.
Track Name: Daniels
Had more Daniels than I have got fingers last night with my friends in the bar, and when I awoke was a pain in my head and a stranger's hands caught in my hair. But it's never one like Daniel Webster, well I heard he could call forth the harps that the angels played there under the ground for the farmers, as they grew their crops.
I'm a farmer, myself, with my harvest of hearts, and the hardest of parts is the culling. But I've armour enough 'gainst the elements, tough, though my scythe blade is constantly dulling. No, it's never one like Daniel Webster, cause I heard he'd the power to call up the angels that lived in the soil that he tilled, and they'd play their harps until the fall. 
In the spring we were given a garden, and we sowed in it seeds that were strange. So we grew this strange fruit, but it rotted too soon, and I'd spend all my money on change.
Now I can't afford my Daniel Webster, but the Devil will buy me for cheap. And if ever I need, there's the bottle, and the drops I'm permitted to weep.
Track Name: Paris Green
I've never seen a green so clean, never have I felt so serene. It's as though I walked into a dream and stole the color from the scene. And now I know – for me there is no one, for one there is no me, for no one there is me. There is no one for me since I've seen my Paris Green. And now, and forever.
Track Name: Lack of a Lake
I am afraid of the lack of a lake to dive into when I am a loon, and afraid not to smell boughs of spruce, and to help build a nest when a mouse I become.
I fear fiercely the missing of rustling in the bush when, a wolf, I am hunting my prey. And a doe, I'll not feel rays of sun on my back, and no forest floor on which to lay.
When a bear, in no den, with no young nudging on my side – they're not hungry or frail. And an owl I'll become, but not have anyone to call out to behind my dark veil.
Track Name: Wild One
You are a wild one, my king of pretty thoughts, you are a wild one with a daisy chain crown. Our subjects were our dreams; our subjects were loyal, till I let them down.
I called you on Christmas Eve, you were away. I don't know what your face looks like nowadays. But lest we forget the times we were alongside each other, I thought that I'd give you a song. It's not so strange to be young, and sincerely in love with the thought of a sailboat and sun. And nothing goes better with thoughts such as these than a stranger to gaze at, and awake with at dawn. I should've gazed much longer, I guess.
You are a wild one, my king of pretty thoughts, you are a wild one with a daisy chain crown. Our subjects were loyal till I let them down.
Track Name: O Evening Colors
O Evening Colors, I wish there were others awake with us now, singing strangers in clusters. Sweetly, yes, we have heard them, and their voices rang bright, but for mysterious reasons they're gone for the night.
O, Angels, please wake up, and just shed some light. Tell me why I'm so lonesome, and what makes me frightened. And dear North Saskatchewan river, pray tell, you're so goddam gorgeous, but I feel like hell. Why do the lights blinking on you make me cry, and what reasons have I to see you in the sky?
Well I guess I could die here, but I'd never know what it's like to be eaten, die, and decompose. Yeah, I guess I could die here, but I'd like to know what it's like to be eaten, die and decompose.
Track Name: Stupid Hollow
I need some conviction, or some kind of prescription, because every other minute I am second guessing every second guess. I don't get that feeling in my gut that people say to follow, I am stupid or I am hollow. So please make my decisions, my exhausted deliberations. Choose my life and choose my husband, or my wife, or cave, or convent.
Then I will start complaining. I will cry, and I will blame you. I will find someone I'd prefer, and a life that I would rather.
Track Name: Any Day Soon
Hope the thin ice I tread on will break when it needs to. It creaks like it means to any day soon. The next morning, you'll read it in the paper. The obituaries will say:
“She fell through the ice and went into the water. The fishes got her to sing. What a thing to do when you're through living.”
Well, I fell through the ice and went into the water, and I did not bother to swim. I fell for the fish, and the fish, they fell for me. But you should ignore me and pray that the thin ice you tread on will break when it needs to, it creaks like it means to. Any day soon.
Track Name: Aubrey de Grey
Aubrey de Grey can stop decay, but I don't think that that's the way. It's just a ruse – you're gently used. Put on your shoes, these tombstone blues don't befit you. I think that I can get you feeling new.
You were not so seven years ago, seven summers and seven snows, in photographs I've seen, although your beard still grew and your eyes still glowed. 
Aubrey de Grey, nothing will last. The present is past, come follow me. We'll have a swim down at the sea. You'll see, we will not weigh a thing. All is subject to decay, Aubrey de Grey.